Friday Fictioneers: Thinking Rationally

I sat in the rocking chair next to the crib. The stench of gasoline invaded my thoughts as I tried to make sense of it all. How could the man I loved so deeply betray me? After the death of our child I needed him desperately, but he rejected me. His new girlfriend tormented me, making sure I knew she was pregnant with his child.

If I was thinking rationally I would not miss him, I would sever all ties with him.

I swallowed the handful of pills and waited until I was almost asleep before I lit the match.


Friday Fictioneers is a weekly 100 word writing challenge inspired by a picture prompt. Click here to read other stories.

My Fellow Fictioneers:
I apologize for not commenting on your stories again last week. I continue to have connection problems. It’s very frustrating because each session lasts, sometimes as little as a few minutes before a crash, but I do see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel and hope to be back online full time by the first of the month. I try to read as many as I can from another device but am not logged on to WordPress through it so I am unable to comment.

59 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Thinking Rationally

  1. The protagonist here takes an extreme step. But this is the commonest phase of separation. Looking after a sick child drains out emotions, and people start blaming one another.


  2. Grim, sad and well done. It is very interesting how many people wrote stories about the dolls burning. What makes it all the more interesting is that the toys were buried in mud for decades but not burned…… but they were next to the foundation of a house that burned in the 50’s and has been buried under 9 feet of blackberries for many decades.

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  3. Very dark, but so well written and unfortunately people do inhabit those places of darkness and despair. Very well done. I think I’ll be needing some sweetness and light after reading this week’s offerings.


  4. Grim and final, very well told disturbing tale Dawn. Don’t worry about not being able to comment, it’s happened to me before, frustrating but there’s little we can do about it until it’s fixed.


  5. You know… 75-95% of couples separate after the death of their child. It is just too much to lean on someone already bent over in pain.
    His taunting her is cruelty that cuts most deep…


  6. Yikes.The most frightening part of the whole thing is that I could easily see this being a true story. Well told.


  7. The picture is grim but I’ve been through similar journey. Well, at least my wife spported me (I’m a male and my wife has stronger will power) when our son died at an extremely young age. I can imagine the pain of such great loss and absence of anyone to support you.


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