Six Word Saturday ~ Back Online With Lots of Changes

A month of struggling with my old PC that kept crashing, I am now the proud owner of a new desktop model. There’s a lot to learn. I had to get new watermark software and even though I used the same one, of course, it’s a new version (“they” are always fixing stuff that ain’t broke!).

I finally installed the Elements 12 that has laid on the table for a couple of years, so now I need to learn that. The YouTube I just discovered (in the link) should help. I’ll get to that later. Fortunately I had downloaded Microsoft 10 on my old PC and this new one has that for an operating system, so I am familiar with most of that but there are still differences; shortcuts I had created for myself over the last five years are gone, and this new machine is a Dell, I’ve never had a Dell, somethings are different there too.

While I was making changes I changed the tag line for my blog. Before it read “Musings of a Wannabe Photographer”. I’ve gotten grief for that from several of my friends for the last few years but after a date with my friend Linda I finally came around. Sunday we met a photographer at her art show and the woman asked me if I was a photographer (I was carrying my camera, of course). As I began to stammer that “I wasn’t really a photographer”, Linda piped up with some of my more recent accomplishments (she’s not the first friend to do so). I’m glad she was with me. It’s time to be a little less humble (in that regard) and admit my talent. So I dropped the “wannabe” and am embracing the titles photographer, writer, blogger, super human being.

Now as far as the content of this blog, I’m scaling back for the summer and while I learn these new programs. My Friday Fictioneer Group has been so patient with me, I plan to spend some time catching up with them. Music Mondays will be back but not for a few more months. Quote of the Week, Share Your World and Six Word Saturdays will also be hit and miss unless time allows. It’s summer time. Let’s have fun…out the real world. We can blog about it later 😉


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