Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

Last week my friend Linda and I went to Mountain Run Winery, near Culpeper for the views, the wine, and to meet the artist/photographer, Rie Jones.

From the event page :
Rie is an emerging artist working in digital photography. Her work employs natural elements and colors to create stunning large-scale pieces in expressionistic and impressionistic manner.

Her work is interesting, the shots, intentionally out of focus and printed in large-scale are attractive. I would have deleted most of these images, not think to print and frame them as she did. You have to love the mind of an artist!

(Please click-through the gallery to get a better view of each image.)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

  1. The last one – with the two pictures out of focus is the best, And I think you have a spelling error or you left out an out in the third paragraph. Which is better than leaving out an out at the ballpark, especially if you’re an umpire.


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