Lingering in Singers Glen with Andrei Kushnir

Last year I was at a show by artist Andrei Kushnir at the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley and was inspired to try and recreate his paintings with my photographs. It has been an enjoyable journey so far.

One thing I’ve noticed is that a photo is often more accurate than a painting. Several times I would try to get the angle just right before concluding that the angle doesn’t exist except for in the painters eye. Another thing that creates a difference is the time that has gone by.  Some of these paintings were done as early as 2009 and the landscapes have changed.

I am really enjoying this project. Often the hunt is a story in itself. On this day I was off to a place called Singer’s Glen to photograph the home of Joseph Funk. But not before learning who he was.

Joseph Funk was a teachers, a composer and a printer, but his most notable claim to fame was as the the creator of Harmonia Sacra, a Mennonite shape note hymn and tune book originally published as A Compilation of Genuine Church Music in 1832.

It was a lovely spring day when I went on my trip to Singers Glen. The community comprises one road (Singers Glen Road), the Singers Glen Post Office, a recycling center, the Singers Glen School, the Singers Glen Volunteer Fire Company, one store, and a Methodist and Baptist Church. I stopped at the store and bought a bottle of water for under $1.00. That’s my definition of “good people”.

The house is occupied but it was easily spotted, the artist did not take many liberties with this subject.

You can learn more about the artist by visiting him here or watching him work on Youtube


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