Friday Fictioneers: No More Tears

Caroline raised her head just enough to see the sun. It looked like a beautiful day. In the past that was all the motivation she needed. A beautiful day. Don’t waste beautiful days.

But she didn’t care about beautiful days any more. Little by little she stopped caring about so many things. Beautiful days were just the latest.

She buried her head in the pillow and wondered what was left to care about. When she realized there was nothing left she thought she might cry. But she didn’t cry.

She didn’t care enough to cry.


Friday Fictioneers is a weekly 100 word writing challenge inspired by a picture prompt. Click here to read other stories.


101 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: No More Tears

  1. Wish I could offer her a cup of tea and hold her hand and lead her back into the sunlight. I haven’t experienced that kind of depression myself, but have come close enough and it’s dire.
    Really well written and so credible. It touched me.
    xx Rowena


    • Thank you Rochelle. And for the description. I know you know, that sometimes when you are writing things like this you try to feel what your character is feeling. I’m going to remember your description of the tears as a hard knot. Thanks again.


  2. Such deep depression is a evil illness, you took me back to my time spent working in psychiatry in the nineteen sixties. I am so sad that in sixty years we still do not yet manage depression well.


    • Thank you Tracey. I was awake. I stay up late oin Tuesdays in order to sleep late Wednesdays because my work week start at 8 pm Wednesday night. Most of the time I just create a draft and write the story when i get up. But this one came to me rather quickly. Then I worried a bit about how quickly it came to me. lol But then amazingly enough I went to be and slept for nine hours! Straight through. And the amazing thing about that is I have been suffering from insomnia for weeks now. Weird.

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  3. Just show her the picture of me wearing the clown nose. That’ll perk her up.

    Evidently, she’s never heard of Friday Flash Fiction. It has been known to provide a reason for living. 🙂 Congrats on being the1st to post this week. That’s a position I’ll never attain but greatly admire.

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  4. Well written — it communicates Caroline’s decline very clearly.

    It’s near impossible for someone who has not experienced such depression to comprehend it. But sometimes, like when I read what you wrote, I think I almost can. A closed loop that continues to contract around a life, as more and more slips from it.

    Thank you, Dawn.


    • I’ll tell you, and I have mentioned it before in this story, writing this, putting myself in this place, just for these few words, really took it out of me. I can’t imagine writing a whole book with this character, or portraying her in some kind of play, let alone actually living this life. I believe it would be too much to bare.


  5. I feel her numbness. It sounds as if she’s not even got the motivation to end it all, which I guess is one blessing. I hope someone remembers she exists and finds a way to rescue her from such stultifying depression.


  6. Nothing worse than when you reach the point of indifference. Anger and joy can be dealt with, indifference means you don’t care about anything. So horribly sad. Great writing because that is not you. Right?


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