Six Word Saturday ~ I Would Have Done it Differently

This is one of those phrases that infuriates me. I remember I had a boss that criticized every move I made with that phrase. I liked her as a person (still do) but I could have slapped the bejesus out of her when she was my boss.

I often train someone in my office to do my job. As crazy as that sounds it is the best thing for our office to have people who can step in when needed. There are six of us full time and we all do things slightly different than the other. Of course, I feel my way is the best way, but honestly what is best is whatever works for you.

I live in a small town, population approximately 6,000. For the last year or so an enterprising group of young people have seen to it to search out mural artists, and bring them here. They have arranged for them to paint  several walls in our (small) town that were previously unnoticed. They have covered the cost, of supplies and lodging (through grants and whatever other means, even some tax money..oh my!), to give Strasburg some outdoor art.

This project has met with considerable opposition; although I truly believe as it is with most things, the naysayers aren’t necessarily the majority, they are simply the loudest.

To date we have five murals in the town of Strasburg. Each one unique in its own right. Maybe not how I would have done it but I am not the artist. If I were they would all be barns 😉

This is Shenandoah by Over Under artist, Erik Burke. It is beautifully described here.


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