Friday Fictioneers: Just a Scratch

Rayna tried to control her shaking. Her father hadn’t wanted her to drive his car but she had convinced him, and now this.

The American looked angry. “Do you have insurance information?” he asked; and with that the tears fell.

Rayna buried her face in her hands. “I must call my father”.

The young man was agitated. He hated when girls cried. Why did they do that? He blew out a deep breath and guided Rayna to the curb. “Call your dad and I will call mine”.

He watched Rayna from a few feet away and his heart melted. It was after all, just a scratch.

This week’s photo: © Kent Bonham
Friday Fictioneers is a weekly 100 word writing challenge inspired by a picture prompt. Click here to read other stories.

34 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Just a Scratch

  1. Many years ago when I lived in Southern California, I was on the freeway on ramp driving home from work. Traffic stalled ahead so I had to stop. I felt a slight bump and realized the car behind me hadn’t quite stopped in time.

    I got out and so did the driver of the other car, who was a short Asian fellow. I’m very tall and he looked scared to death, like I was going to beat him up or something.

    I checked my bumper and his. Not a scratch. He’d barely touched me. I smiled and said something like “no problem.” He grinned, obviously relieved I hadn’t become hostile.

    There’s something about forgiving a small mistake.

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  2. I had almost the converse of that a few years ago. A car turned across me, at a junction where it had no business turning. There was no way I could miss it, and, ABS working overtime, I slid into the car. “Your fault,” I thought. “You get out!” But the driver didn’t emerge.
    So I went across to the car. A young man was sitting with his head slumped on the wheel. I knocked on his window. “Are you injured?” He was about twenty five, I suppose. “No. I’m just having this really awful day!” he said. Aw, bless! I wanted to give him a hug! His girlfriend sat beside him in absolutely stony silence…

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  3. I had someone bang into me from behind and it turned out to be a gal I hadn’t seen for many years. She was upset and I saw there wasn’t any damage at all to hers or mine, so we talked a bit and left. She was OK, just shaken.

    Keep hope alive with minor car accidents that cause love to break out! Fun, Dawn!

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