Sunday Photo Fiction: Charlie’s Destruction

Charlotte recognized the caller’s name on her cell. She looked up at her husband and answered it anyway. They were on the job site, about to go in for a final inspection of a property they had just bought. Charlotte wanted to renovate, her husband Charles, to demolish.

“Calm down” Charlotte hissed into the phone. “Fine, I will be there in an hour”.
When she hung up, Charles waited for the lie.

“There’s a problem with the Miler property. I have to go. Can you handle this?”
Charles was agitated. He knew it was her lover. “The problem” was his wife couldn’t keep her legs closed. And worse, she mixed business with pleasure, screwing the help; this time, the foreman on the Miler project. It was a wonder they ever got any work done.

Charles wondered how much longer he could go on like this. He sometimes wished he had never been one of her conquests but now everything was tied together, their business, their money, their family.

“Yes, I will handle it” he said walking away. He kept his calm although he wanted to shout at her to just go and never come back.

When Charlotte pulled away Charles hollered at his crew, “Demolish her!”

Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly writing challenge of about 200 words based on the provided photograph, this one by © Mike Vore. To read other stories click here.

16 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: Charlie’s Destruction

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