Friday Fictioneers: Stalker or Secret Admirer ?

Lydia stared at the flowers while nibbling on her sandwich. Susan walked in “Oh, pretty! Who are they from?” Without looking away Lydia answered her co-worker “I do not know. I’ve asked everyone who works back here and no one knows where they came from or how they got here.”

“Is there a card?”
Lydia slid the business sized card with only her name on it across the table.
“Well, that’s kind of creepy”.
“Yes! Thank you. That is what I have been saying but everyone else thinks it’s lovely”.

Susan nibbled on her sandwich and stared at the vase “The flowers are lovely, the delivery is creepy. I’m glad they are not for me”.

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

Friday Fictioneers is a weekly 100 word writing challenge inspired by a picture prompt. Click here to read other stories.


74 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Stalker or Secret Admirer ?

  1. As a florist,I’ve come across this several times – men ordering two lots of flowers at Valentine’s (one ofr the wife, one for the mistress), and lots of blank cards, women refusing to take the flowers in cause they know which creep sent them. Nicely done. Dawn


  2. How sad is it that no one wants to believe it is romantic. Our society has prepared us for the worst rather than the best…
    I’m gonna stay romantic, if you don’t mind!


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