Share Your World 2017: Week # 35

When you leave a room, do you turn the lights off behind you or keep the lights on throughout your house most of the time?
It depends on what room. The living room and kitchen lights stay on most of the time.

This is my living room. it’s not that bad. I won’t show you my bedroom…that’s where the real mess is!

What do you feel is the most enjoyable way to spend $500? 
These days if I had an “extra” $500.00 I would most likely put it in savings as my savings account is down. I’ll breathe easier when I have more cushion.

Complete this sentence: My favorite thing to do on my cell phone is…
I use my cell phone camera mostly to take pictures of prices so that I can come home and comparison shop.

What inspired you this past week? Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination.
I often share my inspiration for the week on Mondays. This week was a difficult one and I am not sure inspired is the word I would use. If you care to read the words I did use you can find them here.

Optional Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?
I was sick all week last week but I made it through without missing any time from work. So grateful for that!

Share Your World 2017: Week # 35


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