Sunday Photo Fiction: Tilting at Tea Cups

Jenny, 23, was married, with a baby. She had quit working to avoid day care but she planned to go back to work when the baby started school. In the mean time, she was bored. She missed interacting with other adults so she decided to join a ladies auxiliary.

When Jenny arrived at her first meeting the women were huddled in small clusters sipping coffee. Jenny joined a group that seemed closest to her age. They quizzed her about her job, her husband, and her home. She felt a little judged but she shook it off.

The next meeting, she made her way to the coffee and then found her clique. One of the women was missing and the others whispered about an infidelity, the poor thing, the doctor had given her something, her husband was taking care of her; the bastard. Jenny’s face colored at the language but she tried to hide her shock and look concerned.

She volunteered to help with the library fundraiser but her new friends shot her a look and offered that she’d be better suited on the play ground project.

Jenny was starting to think that maybe she didn’t miss the interaction after all.

Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly writing challenge of about 200 words based on the provided photograph. This week’s photo contributed by: Dawn M. Miller (!)

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8 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: Tilting at Tea Cups

  1. Sounds like it wasn’t the right place for her to be. BEtter to be bored at home than in mongst people who had more faces than an ever changing clock.

    Good story Dawn, and thank you for the photo. It was certainly interesting.


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