Festival of Leaves 2017 ~ Week #4: Brown or Red

It has been so dry around here it is hard to distinguish the red from the (dying) brown leaves. I hope we get some rain soon so the vibrancy of autumn has a chance to visit.

I love Autumn and for the last few years my blogging friend Verena has hosted a weekly autumn Festival of Leaves challenge. Verena, so far this year, is MIA so because I love this challenge, I have decided to host until she returns.

Every Thursday morning I will post a picture of the changing leaves in my area. I encourage you all to do the same. It’s great fun. You can link up with me by using a pingback or leaving your link in the comments to this post and I will choose a favorite for the week, and share it here.

Fall Foliage Prediction Map
Techniques for Fall Color Photography

Autumn is my favorite season. See more images of autumn by clicking here: A Lingering Look at Autumn

2 thoughts on “Festival of Leaves 2017 ~ Week #4: Brown or Red

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