Weekly Photo Challenge: Experimental

I never have much luck with wild life pictures. I have a friend who can get better pictures of birds from her kitchen window (you can see them here) than I can outside.

I was taking river pictures the other day and spotted a heron. Since I am usually unsuccessful at getting good shots of herons I just started clicking away hoping one of them would turn out. None of them really did.

The bird was too far for the lens I was sporting, but that didn’t stop me from trying to make the best of something in editing.
I should have deleted but instead I have this.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Experimental


11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Experimental

  1. Do you have feeders set up in front of a window? I have two feeder poles in front of my living room window (screenless) plus a yard-decor metal thingy that serves as extra perches. These are at the same distance (about 20 feet from the window) for easy focusing. I have another feeder outside a side window, and as winter sets in I’ll add another one in a tree. You have to bribe the little critters.


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