My blogging friend Dawn has challenged us to free write for 10-15 minutes listing the things we are happy and grateful for. I didn’t quite make it to 50 but Dawn made up for my lack in her post here.

1. My kids
2. My grand kids
3. my siblings
4. my friends
5. my job
6. my health
7. my home
8. the country I live in
9. the county I live in
10. the state I live in
11. the town I live in
12. my love of writing
13. my love of reading
14. my love of photography
15. my photographer’s “eye”
16. the professionals in my life who help and take care of me
17. my nieces and nephews
18. sunrises
19. sunsets
20. mountains
21. oceans
22. rivers
23. clouds
24. the sky
25. trees
26. colors
27. music
28. art
29. poetry
30. dance
31. wine
32. good food: a dinner I cook at home
33. or a dinner I eat out, that’s special and is especially delicious
34. chocolate
35. peaches in august
36. cherries in June
37. freedom
38. companionship
39. The internet, what a wonderful age we live in
40. Facebook, which has reunited me and kept me in touch with friends and family
41. modern medicines
42. old fashioned remedies
43. holistic alternatives
44. My sense of right and wrong, my morals, and integrity (thanks mom and dad)
45. My sense of humor (I’m my biggest fan!)
46. My blog, my chance to say what I think and share what I know (or think I do)
47. Other blogs/bloggers who inspire me to write, to photograph, to seek, and to learn
48. My friends and followers, those who answer my questions “why”, agree with me, and those who challenge me. I am grateful and happy.

25 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. Yehaw! So glad you joined in Dawn. I love reading the lists, and yours is really fun to read, clear and meaningful. I love that some of your links take me to your wonderful photos. Thanks so much for taking the time and jumping in; Happy New Year!

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  3. Dear Dawn,

    Two things I’m grateful for today. One is that our furnace is fixed and the second was following your links and finding out that you had AOMOC on your list of your favorite books of 2017. I enjoyed your beautiful photos, too. You do have a photographic eye.



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    • Thank you Rochelle. I’m so glad to have you see past my weekly100 word offerings, which quite frankly, as of late, have been rather disappointing.
      BUT,,,I shan’t give up. Tomorrow may be my masterpiece! 😉


  4. Love your list, Dawn! I just wrote mine (haven’t posted it yet) and wanted to take a break before adding links and images so I went to Facebook where I saw yours 😉
    I am officially a follower of your blog. So beautiful.

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