Weekly Quote: Reading Supports Growth

I was recently engaged in a brief online discussion with one of my favorite bloggers about the merits of reading. Last week I shared a list of my favorite reads from 2017, a year I have read more books than any other, due mostly to the circumstances in my life.

Do you feel it is better to read books that you enjoy (even if it’s a cheesy romance) or books that are deemed classics, educational, or literary?
When it comes to reading, which is better quantity or quality?

I asked Google the same questions, and as you can imagine, I was inundated with hits.
I have concluded that the answers are as individual as we are.

Who is to say what quality is?
Other than the obviousness of writing, style, grammar, and editing, I don’t believe content can be judged en masse, just as I don’t think one can pick a genre of music over another.
Is classical really better than jazz?
Than metal?

First let’s decide, why read?
Is it to broaden our minds? Our vocabulary? Our imaginations?

I read for the same reasons I drink wine or eat chocolate. I do it because I enjoy it. But also because it expands my mind, my vocabulary, and my imagination. The wine and chocolate only expand my waist line.
Maybe I should read for the same reason I should exercise.

I think it is important to read. I could list many reasons why.
Here are 7 and they have to do with heightening your perspective, strengthening your vocabulary and your memory; relieving stress and rejuvenating your spirit.

I say if a cheesy romance does that for you, a self-help book or the latest whodunit, then indulge. If you feel you need to throw in a “classic” here’s a list for you.

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14 thoughts on “Weekly Quote: Reading Supports Growth

  1. Nothing like a good book in your hands. This daft social media driven world has reduced my reading time, and whose fault is that? It’s one of the reasons I love my Algarve- I can switch off for a while with a book. (and wine, etc 🙂 )


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