Weekly Photo Challenge: My Place in this World

I was born in Washington DC and raised in its Maryland suburbs. Just after high school I moved to the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, where I live now. When I first came here in the early 1980’s I lived in a very rural area. The US economy was in the toilet. The federal prime lending rate was well on its way to its record astronomical 20%, we were just coming out of a gas crisis, and unemployment was at 8%. By the end of the year it would reach 10%.

I didn’t particularly want to move here. It is two hours away from my family; but my husband and I, and our growing family needed our own place and we were made an offer, that in the end, we couldn’t refuse.

In some ways I have regrets. I wonder what it would have been like to come of age in a metropolitan area, to have the choices that were afforded to my cousins, and high school friends, that were simply not available to me.

And then there is the loss of family connections. Facebook has helped me to renew and nourish mine but my children, and especially my youngest doesn’t have the bond with cousins that I had growing up. I feel bad about that. I chalk it up; just one more notch on the guilty mom post.

But I don’t have a crystal ball to see the future let alone the past. My home is here. It has been for almost forty years now. I’ve always recognized how beautiful it is in this valley, where I live, and now with the internet and my digital camera I can share my place in this world with my family and friends, wherever they may be.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Place in the World

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