Taking Stock: June 2018

Cooking : Lots of food to feed my son, his fiancée, and their five kids during their recent visit.

Drinking : We had some coconut rum with V8 Splash for my birthday.

Reading: The Reluctant Detective: A C.T. Ferguson Private Investigator Mystery by Tom Fowler
Marigolds and Murder by London Lovett

Making : Painted rocks with the grand-kids!

Playing: We played four rounds of Yahtzee the evening of my birthday. I lost every single game!

Wishing: More of my family and friends could have made it here during my son’s visit.

Enjoying: Family time!

Liking: Having both of my sons together.

Loving: The visit from my son and his family.

Buying: Toys for my grand kids from the Dollar Tree, they lasted just long enough for the visit.

Watching: The Office while my company was here. It’s an easy to show to watch with eight people in the house.

Hoping: My grand-kids will remember this visit all of their lives.

Wanting: The middle two weeks of the month to not go by so fast. My company has gone home and its quiet again.

Disliking: The quiet after everyone left. I’m better now but the first few days were a little sad.

Snacking: On some cherry pie. Even though I am on a diet I did stray a few times for my birthday favorite.

Thanks to Taking Stock for the inspiration.

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