Weekly Quote: Unconditional Forgiveness

I came across a meme recently on facebook that coincided with what a few of my loved ones were going through, so I shared it, in hopes they would see it and it would give them comfort. And then another friend shared it, and another, and on and on it went. It seems that a lot of people take comfort in these words.

This got me thinking about forgiveness. We are brought up being told to stand up for ourselves, to not let people walk over us or take advantage of us but often the people who hurt us the most are the ones who are closest to us. A stranger’s words or actions may sting but betrayal from a loved one hurts so much more.

Pride stops us from forgiving them because we perceive it as weakness, as allowing people to walk over us, take advantage of us. But you don’t forgive these people for their sake, you do it for your own. It takes all you can muster to forgive when someone you love hurts you. You will set boundaries and requirements. He must apologize. She must call me. I’ll be civil but not loving.

But these things are just games. To truly forgive you have to do it without rules. To be right in your own heart and move on, sometimes, the only way to forgive is unconditionally.

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11 thoughts on “Weekly Quote: Unconditional Forgiveness

  1. I agree with your thoughts and you have a well written post – and the flower and quote pair so well.
    and whew – it is such a loaded topic – or can be.

    – I think it is always a situational thing when it comes to what we are forgiving and what that means.

    but you are right about the unconditional part –

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      • I agree – although with a sad heart I share this with you –
        I recently had to speak up to someone and this was on my mind as I read your post.
        Just something that needed to be addressed (going back to feb 2017) and it was one of those things that “needs to get messy” to get healthy.
        not too big of a deal, but even my hubs noted that i normally prefer to be the peacemaker and smother love – so to speak up can be hard – and like a rock in the gut.


          • yes – and it is going through it right now –
            yuck – and I much being the peacemaker – the one handing out that kind of love. But it is principle here and also – really felt God leading and so I keep raying about it (sorry – not trying to throw in religious stuff – but you know me – wink… ha – and I do pray that health and good will result – and actually I know it will. Because my counselor side has reminded folks of this for years and now I practice what i preach. We cannot always just let the mess accumulate and the pile of glass under the rug needs to be addressed. Or the elephant in the room – actually – in this case – just some sloppy, unchecked behavior needed to be addressed and some people are super defensive.
            But in time – truth has a way of resonating – and leading to health and cleaned up scenarios that allow growth and wellness.
            It isn;t always pretty – and hurts at times – but “peace at any price is wrong and is not true peace”

            and again – I know this is way different from your point here about forgiveness – much different


            • I have a friend whose mother is dying of cancer. This mother has always treated her daughter, my friend, as an after thought, but still she is her mother. My friend goes to great lengths to have the kind of relationship with her mother she has always wanted but it simply is not there.

              People are who they are and if they don’t see anything wrong with their behavior or don’t want to change. they won’t. We can’t make them. We can’t wish it so.

              Well, my friends mother finally made the ultimate transgression, she lashed out at my friends daughter, her granddaughter. The mother is really only treating the granddaughter like she has always treated my friend, but it was too much. My friend is furious and is not speaking to her mother. And her mother is dying. She’s not feeble, but she is not well.

              I told my friend she has to let this go. She said she would if…and then she listed her demands. But her mother does not care if she doesn’t speak to her. She’ll ignore it, knowing my friend will come around eventually.
              So I suggest she forgive her, not for the sake of her mother, but for her sake. Its not easy. It means accepting the fact that her mother will treat her as an after thought until the day she dies.

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            • oh so true and wells said:

              People are who they are and if they don’t see anything wrong with their behavior or don’t want to change. they won’t. We can’t make them. We can’t wish it so.

              and be back later to reply a bit more – but your chat here inspired my “fence” post – so thx D

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  2. I have always felt letting go of the bad feelings helps Me. So, I do this often.
    Forgiving doesn’t mean becoming best friends or allowing repeated abuse or other negative actions. It allows ourselves to move forward.
    I also found grieving is important with the “loss” of the relationship which once may have meant so much. Great post and well written, too.


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