9 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday ~ Sears Closing Marks End of Era

  1. I think about the decline of sears often – because the best dishwasher we ever had was a top of the line Kenmore – and can not find one similar – it was huge inside and stainless -) anyhow – nice post marking this big change for this company


      • I read all the comments and do agree!
        and I forgot about the craftsman brand but you are right – they were top notch.

        and it is so sad to have appliances only last about 5 years nowadays –
        gone are the days (for most brands) to last more than ten – :built for short life span”

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  2. I wrote about this last week. In a way, the path down which Sears tread is a cautionary tale for retailers. They stopped doing what they did well and decided to do something “cheaper” and “easier” and then, when that didn’t work, the internet dropped by and suddenly, they didn’t have a place in the retail space anymore. And they did it all by themselves. They can blame Amazon, but they took that look downhill slide before Amazon started making 2-day deliveries and mostly still sold books. They should have stuck with great service, appliances, and tools.

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    • I haven’t been to Sears in years (no rhyme intended) but I have so many memories associated with this store. Of course none have to do with the link I provided (lol). Mine are more of; well first of all that in “my day” Sears had a excellent reputation. If you bought a Kenmore or a Craftsman you were not only getting good quality but you were an up and comer. I remember when we got a credit card for Sears (that’s how we bought the Craftsman riding mower), we were so proud of the credit rating it took to do that.

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