Six Word Saturday ~ Not Dating but not Done Yet

I went out with a friend..a guy friend…it wasn’t a date..I made that clear. I told him I would pay my own way..I was so relieved (but not surprised) when he grabbed the check(s).

He’s an old friend.
I’m not sure what we ever had in common.
He didn’t like the restaurant I picked out (a tap bar) “Bunch of Yuppies”. The beer wasn’t very good, he said.
He told me about an encounter he had in the park with some young people (remember…I LOVE young people! I really wanna be one!)
He: Grumble grumble. Get off my lawn!
Me: Sigh

We went for an after dinner drink.
I let him choose.
He didn’t like that beer either..”come to think of it”…he said…”I kind of liked that craft beer”.
I was home early.
Or rather…right on time.

But maybe there is hope for me yet. I could try virtual love and buy my own dinner 😉 .

It was the cheapest thing on the menu.

6 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday ~ Not Dating but not Done Yet

  1. I hear ya. But I don’t non date-date male friends any longer ~ mine are too dorky and awkward. There have been way too many tense moments and now I’ll only see them in groups. I’ve pretty much given up on the idea of ever meeting anyone I click with in a romantic way, but I suppose a miracle could happen!


    • Not much…I get it. Really the only way I would pursue a romantic relationship is if it happened by chance. Even then, it would have to be easy. I’ve already put so much work into relationships with men, I just don’t have the time to waste.

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