Six Word Saturday ~ Funny Bloggers I Wished Lived Closer

I was exchanging online banter with one of my favorite bloggers recently and said out loud (to myself). I wish you lived closer. I regard funny as a quality above most anything else. I regard loyalty, honesty, and integrity pretty high, some might even say ridiculously high, so when I say funny is up there, well you can believe, it is up there!

I had somewhat of this conversation with my youngest recently, and he is funny, let me tell you. He is the funniest of my three kids, so he gets it when I say that funny ranks high.

I was on my way to my niece’s company Christmas dinner and well, I won’t go on and on but these folks are a lot of things. They are smart, hardworking, successful, generous, and kind but most importantly, they are funny.

My nephew-in-law got suits for all his employees to wear to the company dinner

But I digress.
I get lots of funny right here on WordPress.

One of my favorite bloggers; who cracks me up nearly every time (whether he means to or not) is Dr. Ali Mon. I don’t know if that is really what is acronym stands for but that is what I call him to myself.

If he lived closer I would love to hang out with him some afternoon and see if he can make me laugh in person as much as he does online. I have a feeling it would be more.

Russell tells the best stories. If you follow him on Friday Fictioneers please do not miss his introductions, they are often the cream of the 100 word story to follow. I’m guessing an evening with him and his wife Connie would make my ribs hurt!

8 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday ~ Funny Bloggers I Wished Lived Closer

  1. What a fun-looking bunch, all looking very festive in their suits!

    Sometimes Russel’s intros are so funny I think they are actually his story! And thanks for the shout out, I’m glad I make you smile 🙂 Yes, the first parts of my bloggie name are my title (not medical) and first name 🙂 I wish I could meet a lot of my blog friends too but most live thousands of miles away.


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