Time to Say Goodnight to the Month of December from Strasburg, Virginia

I love my little town and enjoy photographing it in every season. I’ve started a new page to share some of those photographs. Stop by On The Streets Where We Live on Facebook, or here on WordPress

Square in the Month of December:Time

6 thoughts on “Time to Say Goodnight to the Month of December from Strasburg, Virginia

  1. Oh, what a great idea. I hopped over to the new page on WP. Can’t wait for you to get going on it full-time. By the way, did you notice that the page has the exact same thing posted twice? There may be a reason for that, but I thought I should mention it just in case it wasn’t planned.


      • I haven’t found it difficult, but I set up a separate g-mail account so that I could create each blog as a separate entity — with its own individual account. It takes a few seconds to sign out from one and then sign in for another one, but it hasn’t caused me any problems.

        I did set up a second blog with my main blog just to use as a test site so that I could test out new themes or other things before using them for my main website. That extra one is set up with the same account as my sandra conner site, and sometimes it can switch me onto the one I’m not wanting to use, and I have to be careful to switch to the site I actually want. But I think you’ll get used to it.

        I’ve never been sorry that I’ve created several sites. I have my main site here, but then I have a poetry site, a Christmas site, and two ministry sites. They do take time to keep them up to date, of course, and a couple of them get behind from time to time. But having them devoted to specific things lets me focus on just what I want to do on each one. That way, I use my main author’s site to do whatever I feel in the mood for — or to help promote my books — but I can have fun with the others whenever I have time, and everyone who follows those knows exactly the kind of things they’ll find there every time they visit.

        I’m just worried about this stupid new editor that ‘s coming. It was a nightmare to use when I checked it out.

        I hope you find that using the new extra site gets easier. I think it will be really interesting.


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