Best of 2018 in Pictures

I take so many pictures I don’t know how I would ever choose a best of for the year. I publish a Best of the Week each week on Sunday and you would think I could choose from that but those pictures aren’t always my best photographic quality, sometimes they are the best story. Nonetheless it seems like it’s the best of a place to start. So here they are all 52 of them!

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: 2018 Review


16 thoughts on “Best of 2018 in Pictures

      • I keep telling myself the tough periods make the good times better. Yes, I can count my blessings because I have a warm home, food to eat, a furry companion, and can live my life on my terms for the most part.


        • No furry companions here but besides that, yes, me too. I suppose that is the cream, living life on my own terms. Maybe that is what allows me to be more positive. I keep seeing people say 2018 was so horrible and hoping 2019 will be better. And I think “2018 wasn’t that bad”. Although in 2018 I was still recovering from a fall and surgery and lost the job i have had for the last 25 years. Up until two weeks ago I was unemployed and have spent most of the money I had saved but still my first thought was “2018 was not that bad”. lol
          Maybe I am just crazy?
          Happy New Year again Carol. Thanks for being someone I don’t really know but who “gets me”.

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  1. You live in a very beautiful part of the world! 2018 seems to have been a happy year, and if I should choose a favorite, it would be the apples and up the hill! Thank you for joining in the fun!


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