Share Your World: January 12, 2019

Did you have to help out with chores when you were growing up?  If so, what were you assigned to do?
Dusting, vacuuming, laundry, cooking, and of course looking after my siblings, since I was the oldest. Depending on my age and the hours my parents were working I was expected to contribute to the running of the household, sometimes actually running it in their absence.

Have you ever researched your family tree?   What do you know about your family’s roots? 
I haven’t but I have a cousin who has done so, extensively. We have all kinds of blood running through our veins, from noblemen to scoundrels, I expect we are typical.

What’s your cure for hiccups?
Take a juice size glass of water, add a straw. Now sip through the straw while plugging your ears. Not only is it entertaining for the people watching you, it works!

What makes you roll your eyes every time you hear it?  Either figuratively or literally?
The butchering of the English language. “Irregardless” makes me wince, as well as ideal for idea. There are more but these cause me the greatest angst.

What brought gratitude, a smile or laughter to your life this week?

I was all smiles when a friend ordered these onion rings and asked for help eating them but the next two days I paid for it. No more of this deep friend food for me. I can’t handle it!

Share Your World 2019

8 thoughts on “Share Your World: January 12, 2019

  1. Bur-gew-lar for burglar and re-la-tor for realtor get me. I love onion rings but haven’t had them for a long time. I eat much differently than I used to, so I’m not sure how my system would feel about them now.


  2. Wow – have not had onion rings in a long time –
    Sorry you paid for yours for two days – but I guess they don’t agree with everyone – and maybe that is why they are not offered more ? Hm


  3. those rings? Are bigger than some of our doughnuts up here. Wow. I’ve never eaten an onion ring because a) fried, but b) (and more importantly) onion. I really loathe onions. Okay. Thanks so much for Sharing Your World this week Dawn! 😀 As we age (not that I think you’re ‘aged’, I don’t) our systems start acting very differently from when we were younger. I can’t tolerate milk nor a lot of milk products any longer. Lettuce and a lot of green vegetables make me sick. Beef, although I tend to try to eat that a couple of times a week at least – I have anemia – is hard to digest (apparently) and I feel nauseous and bloated for a few days afterward.

    Also, congratulations!! You’re now identified as one of the elite “Grammar and Spelling “Police”. We have t-shirts. 😛


    • LOL at the tee shirt remark.
      Thanks for sharing that Melanie. It’s good to know it is not just me who has age related digestive problems. When I was younger I LOVED onion rings but I doubt I will ever eat them again, it was a rough couple of days.


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