Unexpected JoY

I recently spent a Saturday evening on Facebook taking requests for pictures (I know…I have no life, but it is what it is). One of the requests was a favorite photographic moment, and I immediately thought of this field of hyacinths and remembered how I gasped when I first saw them, the picture, by the way, does not do it justice.

And then as I started looking in preparation for this post, I remembered another field and another sunset, and another moment, of being at the right place at the right time.

I have so many moments of being in the right place at the right time, like this moment, driving home, following the river. I must acknowledge my ex (for this shot) who knew how to serendipitously (sic) plan.

The Shenandoah River during an amazing sunset.

I give a lot of credit to my ex for not only scintillating my enthusiasm but feeding off of it, which in turn sparked my curiosity and led us on a photographic journey.
Like our trip to Virginia Beach and visiting the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel in time for sunset.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, Virginia Beach

Or when we went to DC when the Cherry Blossom’s were in bloom.

Cherry Blossoms, Washington DC

I remember the JoY I felt catching this Amish woman walking and a horse and buggy on a country road in Lancaster PA.

He lived very close to Shenandoah National Park so we would often go there for pictures. We especially loved going at Sunset. I remember this one time we had to wait for the rain to quit before we went. We had never seen the mist rising like it did that day.

After a rainfall, Skyline Drive, Shenandoah National Park

Another time I shot a buck!

I love bridges and one of our first dates was to the covered bridge where oddly enough my favorite picture from that day is looking up this tree.

For our first Valentine together we went to three more covered bridges and found this iron bridge, in Frederick Maryland. I especially remember how cold and windy it was, but oh so beautiful.

When my father was dying I spent a lot of time with him. My ex was often there with me. We would explore the area together and many of my favorite images came from that time.

Some of them sobering.

Some of them bittersweet.

Frosted Shoreline at Sunset

After my father passed we went to Florida. A tropical storm arrived a few hours after we did but between the rains we found the blue green of the gulf water.

Beach in Florida

When my ex and I were together we took many trips to DC. For one thing, it was on the way to my father’s house, for another, if done right, it can be very affordable. I have lots of pictures from DC but strangely enough, one of my favorites is from my first solo trip after we broke up.

I still go to many of the places we went together, because these are places I love. I don’t have a very good bear pic (yet), but I got this one last fall.

I love going to Gettysburg in the fall. I was delighted when I caught these colors one morning during my last visit when I was out searching for the sunrise.

Autumn in Gettysburg

I often go out on Sunday mornings to try and catch the sunrise. I find there are fewer people out on Sunday mornings and I don’t get in the way of someone trying to get to work. The thing that amazes me about sunsets, and sunrises is how they are all different. I can’t tell you how many times I have returned to this spot hoping to experience this luscious pink for a second time.

The Shenandoah River during an incredible sunrise.

One thing my ex taught me was to take the road less traveled for some incredible finds. I am directionally challenged but have a GPS mounted to my dash so I am never afraid of getting lost. I found this bridge on my way home from visiting one of my sisters.

Captured by an artist ~ Me

I am very fortunate to live in a place with beautiful views. I am ten minutes from Belle Grove and have many beautiful pictures from there.

Snowfog first week of February

Some very recent.

And of course, the covered bridge is about 30 minutes away and still gives me JoY each time I discover a new view or angle.

Looking through to bridge in New Market Va.

A trip through Fort Valley and the George Washington National Forest provides many unexpected delights.

And West Virginia is a simple country road trip away.

I often go for a drive on our country roads and am delighted by the unexpected sights along the way. Once I even found a zebra!

I caught this tree at just the right time as the sun lit it up.

Another time this skeletal barn presented itself to me at sunset.

And how about this red barn against the white snow? A “wow” moment, indeed.

Barns often give me “wow” moments. I was so proud of this capture I named it “Bragging Rights”.

This one is close to home so I return repeatedly to shoot it. I’ve never been able to get this particular view again.

Autumn View

I also return to this spot when I can. The water, when it is still makes for a great photo.

And I do love still water!


Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Unexpected

16 thoughts on “Unexpected JoY

  1. Those “right place, right time” moments are one of life’s treasures. Yours are all lovely. The fields of flowers remind me of driving over the Grapevine in SoCal in spring, in the midst of the bloom of California Poppies and/or wild Lupine. Stunning!


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