Best of the Week: LOVE in Woodstock

This LOVEworks sculpture was unveiled in June as reported by our local paper the Northern Virginia Daily. I have several pictures of it since it resides in the same county as I do and I go by it often. However there is a new sign, below, that gives a more detailed description of the meaning of each letter.

The L is created in the image of the Swiss Guard, a sculpture crafted in 1795, and later replicated as an adornment to the weather vane atop the Historic County Courthouse. You will find many images of the Swiss guard in and around Woodstock.

The O is in the shape of a hot air balloon, a common site around town in the warmer months.

The V, according to the sign, represents green vines and the town’s commitment to keeping Woodstock green through the planting of trees, annuals, and perennials, in well designed public spaces.

The E (and I love this one) is welded onto a replica of the Woodstock Tower.

I’ve blogged about these creations before. I think they are great fun for tourism and for residents. I’m happy that a neighboring town has decided to join in.

Winter is by no means my favorite season but as a visual person I seek to find the beauty in everything. Click here to see my vision of Winter and the pictures that came close but didn’t make it as my “Best of”.

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