Blurred Barn in Black and White

I’ve been experimenting with this blurred type of editing for the last few months and have dedicated The Photo a Week Challenge to this medium.

When I discovered that this week’s topic was black and white I was delighted to be doubly challenged. This would be my first time editing from blur to black and white…or from back and white to blur.

As it turns out, that was the first question in this process.

The, next question, of course…WHICH picture.

I chose to start with the folder I was currently editing. When deciding which images to edit to black and white one of the things I look for is lines. Bare trees in the winter provide wonderful lines for monochrome images but they often come with bleak skies, and when edited this (blurred) way,they are often dull and lifeless.

My first attempt had me editing to black and white and then adding the blur. I like this picture okay but that sky…so bleak!

I finally figured it out on my final (third) attempt.
1. I chose a picture with lines (the slats in the boards of the barn).
2. I edited the pic to black and white, then turned up the contrast.
3. I added the blur. (Although the blur is minimal you can see it in the trees)

Thanks Nancy for your challenge A Photo a Week Challenge, Black and White,you have made me think outside the box!

See more of my intentional #blur photography by clicking here.

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