Belle Grove Manor House

In 1794, construction on the Belle Grove Manor House began. It was completed in 1797. The grand mansion was built with limestone quarried on the property and faced the Valley Pike to display the social and financial status of owners, Isaac Hite (grandson of Jost Hite) and Nelly Conway Madison Hite (sister of James Madison). In 1815 an addition was made at the west end of the original house to create the 100-foot facade as it stands today.

Belle Grove is only a few miles from my home. It sits under beautiful skies and faces the west, so that the evening sun creates these wonderful shadows. I consider it a local treasure, not just for its picturesque qualities but for its history which briefly touches my family. My 3X great grandfather tutored the Hite children after arriving from Ireland in 1827 and before moving on to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Architecture

9 thoughts on “Belle Grove Manor House

  1. Beautiful photo of this historical house. How wonderful to be so close to it.
    Thank you, Dawn for the link of your 3X great grandfather. Great story!


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