Six Word Saturday: Where Flowers Bloom So Does Hope

This week for Friday Fictioneers, our hostess, Rochelle provided an odd picture of flowers blooming in a decrepit piano. It made me think, which is what each of her photo prompts are intended to do.

March is Women’s History Month, a month I have been honoring, at least since I became a girl scout/brownie leader in 1986 (I’ll jump into that rabbit hole another time). Today I want to write about my inspiration for Wednesday’s Story, Where Hope Blooms

I first became aware of the contribution Lady Bird Johnson made to our environment a few years ago from my scholarly friend, Kathy. I’m so blessed to have the friends that I do. Their knowledge, experiences, and insight enrich my life.

I tried to imagine the world before Mrs. Johnson began her beautification campaign, one that I am sure without even researching, was most likely met with criticism and ridicule. But driving down the interstate or any highway today, can you imagine what it might look like without the tending of nature. The flowers added, the trees arbored, the median’s manicured?

Lady Bird added as much beauty to our landscape as any painter might have done with a brush and an imagination, only she made it real. She is a hero and I celebrate her!

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