My Low-Carb Delicious

I have been on a low-carb/low sugar diet for almost a year, and although I miss pizza most of all, I have managed to satisfy other cravings with semi-worthwhile substitutes. Recently I made a kind of buffalo chicken dish.

I made it with cannellini beans, which anyone who follows a low-carb diet knows, is not a good choice, but they were in my pantry and they are a good option for my budget. They are filling, and if I watch what else I eat, they work with my new lifestyle choices.

Some people will ask me if I am doing Keto…I reply..”No, that’s crazy, there is no alcohol on keto”. At my age I am not after the fast weight loss, it doesn’t happen fast at this age. I am after sustainable. I am going to have a glass of Rosé, one way or another. I might as well have it without the guilt.

If I hit my 50 pound weight loss at my one year anniversary (which is the first week of May) I plan on celebrating with pizza.

In the mean time I am astounded (as one who is a self-proclaimed, carb addicted being) at the delicious low-carb dishes I have enjoyed the last year.

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16 thoughts on “My Low-Carb Delicious

  1. I can’t blame you for missing pizza. I try to limit carbs, but I’d have a very hard time eliminating them! I hope you reach your weight goal. What an accomplishment–even if you don’t hit the exact number.


  2. I had been toying with a mostly vegetarian diet for several months – then I saw a documentary about the China Study – about plant-based eating and decided to get the cookbook and give it a try. I was amazed at how tasty the recipes are and after eating that way for just a few months I had a fast food hamburger because it was easily available at the time. Mistake. My body was not happy with me. I am not hard core about this, because I will eat meat if that’s the best/only choice where I am, and I have not given up eggs and cheese, but I feel so much better eating this way. Good luck on meeting your goal!


    • A few months ago I went with friends to hear music. They had appetizers half price so we all got some and shared. They were mostly fried foods like onion rings. I was sick all the next day. I do feel so much better eating this way and its not just the weight loss.

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  3. My husband and I also follow low-carb/sugar but not KETO. It’s a much healthier alternative I think. I’ll admit to a slice of pizza now and then however. It keeps me going.
    :-). Congrats on your commitment and weight loss!


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