The 2019 April A-Z Challenge: X is for All of Them

X is for…

all of them

for all the bad things

for all the heartbreak

for all the lies

the betrayals

the words that broke my spirit

made me re-think my every move

so as not to be judged

in a light that wasn’t a light

but a darkness

that I came out of

on the other side

to be the person I am



going forward



To learn about the A to Z Challenge click for more info.
Or follow along at #AZChallenge

April brings us National Poetry Writing Month, where one writes a poem a day for the entire month of April. I’ve decided to combine this exercise with the A to Z challenge.
I’m a little rusty in the poetry department, so bear with me.

For information regarding National Poetry Writing Month I suggest Google or this tag on Facebook #NaPoWriMo If you blog here on WordPress you can find more posts in the reader at NaPoWriMo.

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