Tyler Hinkle 2019 Graduate from The University of Virginia

My great nephew, Tyler (and he is really great; if you don’t believe me, check out this post I snagged from his Facebook page in April:

“I will be graduating in less than a month with a Bachelors in History and Latin American Studies with a minor in Urban and Environmental Planning from UVa. I will return to UVa this fall to complete a Masters Program in Urban and Environmental Planning. In addition to returning to UVa this fall, I will be stepping into the role of County Planner for my home, Shenandoah County this May. It is an honor to have this opportunity.”

He is just awesome, plain and simple, but he comes from good stock , so there ya go.

I was honored to attend his graduation party on Sunday. The most entertaining part of the afternoon was when his mom brought out the cake, draped in fondant, and told him it was his job to cut it.

Haha…#lifeskills. Aka #knifeskills.

Nobody wanted to offer any advice and then everybody did.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Hands

8 thoughts on “Tyler Hinkle 2019 Graduate from The University of Virginia

  1. Congratulations to my handsome Grandson he never seen to amaze me he has been extremely intelligent at 1 year old I keep saying he’s too small to know all of these things he was like a old soul living in a 1 year old body . he always stayed in his room as he got older reading and searching history and what makes a clock tick lol you know what I am talking about his Achievements on Saturday doesn’t surprise me Tyler will definitely go from far in life the sky is the canvas he will connect the star’s


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