Share Your World: May 25, 2019

Is it better to suspect something (bad or hurtful) and not know or to have your worst fears confirmed by sure knowledge?
I’d rather know.
It hurts either way but you can’t move on if you never know.
When my second husband cheated on me, my closest friends were his family.
They didn’t want to tell me, but they did, in their own way.
Finally they found a way to hint hint hint without actually telling me, so I could find out on my own…sort of.
It was hard coming to that but it made everything else fall into place.

What makes you laugh aloud?   Crack up?   Laugh until your sides split?   When was the last time you had a great big belly laugh?
Oh geez..I don’t know. My brother can usually crack me up pretty good. He does a great caricature of my dad…well you kinda gotta be there…and well, be one of my siblings…

What brought gratitude, a smile or laughter to your life this week?
I had a wonderful visit with my niece, Tiffany, and her family for her son’s graduation from The University of Virginia.

Share Your World 2019

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