Living on the Edge: in My World

I like to post every day, you know, just to stay relevant. I schedule most of my posts and have an itinerary that I somewhat follow. Thursdays, most always, I post to Cee’s Foto Challnege, but it’s Wednesday evening and I still don’t have anything. I had several ideas for Sunday Stills: Edge, that I thought I could use.

I had some views from the edge of “The Drive” at Shenandoah National Park, that I could have went with.

I even had some from the edge of Strasburg looking out over the town.

But none equaled the story of this image (which in all honestly is not that great of a pic!), however a great story, at least in my world…

I was out shooting a sunrise, something I hadn’t done in quite a while when I spotted this view from the road. It was a Sunday morning and to be honest, there were signs up telling me not to trespass, but I thought…well maybe if I just drive to the edge, and since no one is around…I could get a shot of Front Royal in the distance. As soon as I took the shot I saw the next door neighbor waving his finger at me, pointing to the sign.

And that’s as risky a business as I take. Excuse me. Sorry. Outta here. 🙂

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