Don’t Mess with A Mother Blue-Jay

For over a week I have been in a squawking battle with a blue jay living in the walnut tree in my front yard. Every time I am working out there she hollers at me like I’m the one who is trespassing!

Each time, I tell her to quit her fussing, that I’m not bothering her, and yes, that it is my damn house. I tried a few times to get her picture but never could. Finally one day this week I found out what all the squawking was about when a baby blue jay dropped out of the tree and began bopping around.

I was going out when it happened, and had my camera, like I always do. I began following the baby trying to get a pic when the mama swooped on me so close I could feel the flap of her wings blow my hair.

I still haven’t got a pic of her, just this one as I left that day. My parting shot.

I wasn’t trying to hurt her baby, but I am a mother too, so I get it.

One Word Sunday: Perspective

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