Fashion in the Park with Souled Out!

This week I went to a music in the park sort of thing to see the band Souled Out!. I love these events for their diversity and also for their uniqueness, but most of all, being a lover of fashion, I love to see what everyone is wearing!

The red shoes really caught my eye, but what really makes this pop is the way his shirt and cap match…that is exactly the way we were taught!

My friends Yvonne and Rosa are ten years apart in age. Can you tell?
I think only because I told you!
Both outfits work great for this event! Yvonne donned a hat so as not to burn her scalp.
Rosa wore a shorter skirt because…well she can!

One of my favorite fashions for the evening was the lady in the yellow pants and pink shoes. Notice the pink and yellow in her blouse which totally makes this ensemble.

The other older woman with the white cropped shorts and blue blouse is classy and looks appropriately comfortable (a goal for us older women going to summer concerts in the park)
and then there are the youngins…who look cute pretty much no matter what they wear,
damn them! (lol)

6 thoughts on “Fashion in the Park with Souled Out!

  1. I can’t tell Yvonne and Rosa are ten years apart in age!! Both are beautiful. I love their outfit!
    Great fashion and unique. Thank you, Dawn for sharing! 🙂


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