Teenage Profile

I searched through my pictures to find a profile picture to share. I found this one of my grandson from six years ago (where does the time go!)? We were on a trip to Baltimore Maryland. He was 14 at the time and just before this was in one of those teenage sulky moods. I was getting a little annoyed because I had worked and saved for a year for this trip and we were about to embark on what I thought might be the highlight of it.

I got us tickets to ride the Sea Dog, a sightseeing tour of the Inner Harbor, by speed boat. Fortunately as soon as we got some speed the water splashed in his face, made him laugh, and he was back to the guy I know and love.

He lives 1,000 miles away now and will turn 20 tomorrow. I miss him, but we will always have Baltimore.

One Word Sunday: Profile

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