Best of the Week: My Sister’s JoY

I spent the weekend with my sister last week and went to our niece’s wedding together. We had a great time, but as much as we have in common, we are also very different. I’m a very visual person and tried to point out the sights along the way. Deanna wasn’t very interested. It made me think she had trouble experiencing JoY.

But after I uploaded the images I captured I paused at this one of her with this random dog at the event venue and I realized she experiences plenty of JoY.

Anyone who knows me knows I am not a big animal person. For whatever reason, I am just not drawn to them. My sister is quite the opposite. This is her JoY.

My sister and I talk on the phone a lot and one subject we often come back to is how we, as a society, should come together through our similarities and shared experiences so that we can better respect our differences. Often I think of that in terms of political, religious, and cultural differences, but the way we experience JoY, is also a difference to be embraced.

Thank you to my little sister, for your hospitality and the life lesson. Hope to see you again soon. I love you!

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