My Hobbies

My main hobby, in case you didn’t know, is photography. I love landscape photography, but there are many other types I enjoy as well. I normally schedule my free time to include a photography outing of some sort. Even a trip to Costco might also include a visit to the nearby arboretum.

Lately I have been trying some creative editing. My most recent artistic endeavor is the #softfocus, click on the link and tell me what you think.

I also enjoy writing, although I don’t do near as much of it as I should.
Writing is a skill that needs to be practiced; and often. This blog, another hobby, helps with that, although anymore, the only creative writing I do is for Friday Fictioneers.

Friday Fictioneers is a wonderful weekly exercise in flash fiction. I have gained so much from participating in this challenge; not just the writing lessons, but also, the wonderful blogging friends I have added to my circle.

I do miss, however, creating poetry for Velvet Verbosity.  I quit participating when the challenge changed hosts. The timing was just gone. I tried writing poetry last year throughout the month of April but I don’t feel like I ever really got my groove back. Sometime, I suppose I will try again. But not now.
Now it’s about to be autumn and I love me some autumn!

And blogging. I definitely love blogging. I just got notice that I registered with Word Press seven years ago, though if you look you will see that my first blog post wasn’t until November. It’s here. Previously I had a different website. I was still exploring my options, researching what makes a good post, how many words is the norm, and on and on. Finally I decided to blog for me, and for my kids after I am gone…(they are not reading it now..I promise you!)
But maybe, after I am gone.

Next, with no intentions of grandiose in mind, I took over a windows challenge and made it my own. I ran A Lingering Look at Windows from my first post on January 17, 2013 through 2017 and even now I still tag it to share a window or two. I can’t even tell you the memories and friends I made through that challenge!

I’ve hosted a couple of other challenges since, not nearly as successful. I love architecture and tried, to connect with A Lingering Look at Architecture. Again, I do this mostly for me so I wasn’t really dissuaded. I feel if you start pandering to an audience you lose the flavor. So I share what I love and I love autumn. I hope you will join me in my latest challenge, one I have been hosting for a few years now, Festival of Leaves, details are at the end of this post, but first, some beautiful autumn pics from years past.

Sunday Stills: Sports or Hobbies

To learn more about my upcoming Festival of Leaves Challenge be sure to click here.

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