Festival of Leaves 2019 ~ Week # 1~ Walnut Tree on Seven Fountains Road

Welcome to the Festival of Leaves 2019 edition. As with other years, I am starting with a walnut tree; they are among the first to turn, although I am also seeing some color from the sycamore. How about you?

I love autumn so I am hosting the 2019 Festival of Leaves Challenge.  I will post every Sunday and I invite everyone to join in any time through the week in any or all weeks. You can link to this post or to any weekly post. Be sure to tag your post Festival of Leaves so it is easy to find in the reader.

Autumn is my favorite season. See more images of autumn by clicking here: A Lingering Look at Autumn

Fall Foliage Prediction Map
Techniques for Fall Color Photography

20 thoughts on “Festival of Leaves 2019 ~ Week # 1~ Walnut Tree on Seven Fountains Road

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