Dilapidated in West Virginia

We so often, in the past, called these old buildings, cars, and the like “abandoned”, but often that wasn’t really the case. The properties were usually maintained, just the objects on them, dilapidated; a much better word.

Case in point, this house in West Virginia which has been photographed by many local photographers, is actually for sale, the grass is trimmed and green, it’s the house that needs some serious work.

One Word Sunday: Dilapidated

Each week I use this challenge as a showcase for my latest creative venture, Soft Focus Photography. You can see more of my #softfocus photography by clicking here


16 thoughts on “Dilapidated in West Virginia

  1. Wow, I bet that house holds a powerful lot of memories. Don’t you wish you could get it to reveal them? Well, perhaps photographers don’t feel that need so much as writers. There’s just so many stories in that old house if we could only get hold of them!


    • It is. I have a facebook photo group and five of the locals have taken pictures of it. Funny thing is that it is not really local to any of us. Its at least an hour away, some more. Then Sunday I was at an art show, again, not really local, about 40 miles, but a very popular one. Someone had painted this very house. I had just finished composing this post or I might not have spotted it. But yes, it is very photogenic.

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