Seeing Red on my Day Trip to Big Meadows

During the second week of November I took a drive to Sky Meadows in the Shenandoah National Park to meet up with my talented Photog Friend, Lara Ellis (click her name to see, just how talented!)

I first spotted some red on Rt, 340. It was a little dangerous to stop here but this time of day traffic is sparse.

I got on The Drive near Luray, close to Mary’s Rock Tunnel, and although I have photographed this tunnel many times, it always looks just a bit different.

When I got to Big Meadows, I took pictures of it, and wondered what the red was that seemed to be just over that mound.

Later when I spotted a few deer, I wondered if it was really red or the just the light.

A few miles down the road the forest floor is littered with red and brown.

With so many leaves gone at this altitude the reds decorate every turn.

On my way home I traveled Route 211. Even with so many more colors to compete with, red holds it’s own.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Red

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