Friday Fictioneers: Never Ending

Steve and I have been married for fifteen years, happily, I guess. I don’t know. It’s hard to pay attention, I am always so busy. I work full time and we have three kids from ages 6-12. Recently I got a second job because Steve decided he wanted a motorcycle and without even discussing it came home one day, grinning ear to ear.

I love to see my husband happy, but come on. We have a mortgage, two car payments; and health insurance; don’t get me started on that! Then last week the dentist says my oldest needs braces.
It’s always something.

This week’s photo: © C.E. Ayr

Friday Fictioneers is a weekly 100 word writing challenge inspired by a picture prompt. Click here to read other stories.

33 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Never Ending

  1. That first sentence says it all. Time to have a little sit-down with Steve. He has some decisions to make, as she will be not be making any more payments on his vehicle anymore and will not be paying a dime towards the motorcycle either. Her children come first and the man-child needs to grow up. Good story, Dawn!


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