Festival of Leaves 2019 ~ Wrap Up

Only a few more weeks of Autumn but, here where I live, most of the leaves have fallen and turned to brown. I enjoyed this year’s festival, I hope you did too. I’d like to thank everyone who participated by linking up or following along with us through the season.

Here are just a few of the wonderful entries from this years festival:

One of my favorites from Jude and Penlee Memorial Garden, in Penzance
Pink! from Terri at #SundayStills
Gorgeous reflections from the still water at Heaven’s Sunshine
Beautiful subtle yellows from Amy at The World is a Book
Luscious purple from Mother Hen at Words Like Honey
No words needed for this post at The Sandy Chronicles
A beautiful gallery from Chandra Lynn.
Becky showing off some autumn lines.

Winter is fast approaching and the holidays make everything twinkle. It’s a good segue from the autumn colors and makes it easier on the senses as we drift into the more subtle colors of winter.

Until next year….
See my autumn images here: A Lingering Look at Autumn

15 thoughts on “Festival of Leaves 2019 ~ Wrap Up

  1. Hi Dawn! Thank you for hosting.. I really enjoy participating. This time around I was a bit mia. My hubby has had two surgeries, the first in June and then in October. I was wrapped up in applying my home health aide skills from years ago… Thanks again!


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