King Street’s Overlap

We often call the main street in Strasburg, Main Street, but that is not it’s name, it’s King Street, although to be honest if you call it that, we can tell you are not from around here and you’ll get the “once over”.

A good five (maybe even seven) years ago the west end portion of King Street got a makeover. New road, new sidewalks, new street lights, new planters and a promise that the east side would happen soon. We waited and waited and bitched and bitched. Finally, six months or so, it began.

I haven’t been up town much since all the construction started, as much as I wanted this to happen…its a cluster cluck, and I go out of my way to avoid it!

This picture is from last Christmas, a view never to be seen again, where the old over laps the new. I’m looking forward to getting a pic of the both parts of town conjoined in a #softfocus Christmas Harmony.

Hopefully a post for next year.

Each week I use this challenge as a showcase for my latest creative venture, Soft Focus Photography. You can see more of my #softfocus photography by clicking here

One Word Sunday: Overlap


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