My Gratitude List: Looking Back and Ahead

1. My health. its not the best, but its far from the worst.

2. My children and their spouses or spouse to be, as in the case of my youngest, although I already think of her as one of my kids.

3. My grandchildren.

4. My siblings. We don’t always see eye to eye but we can always find common ground on which to stand.

5. My friends. I have the most awesome group of friends, I often wonder why I am so lucky.

6. My job. Its not ideal, but I enjoy the work and the people.

7. Yes, my co-workers. I work mainly with young people (under 25) and they are delightful. They are also annoying at times, but probably so am I.

8. My car. Is it okay for me to be grateful for that? Its not new, but it is new to me. Its got a little bit of luxury but yet it’s affordable.

9. My camera and my love for photography. Photography has opened a new world for me. I see things I didn’t see before and have met the most awesome people.

10. Yes, my photography friends, they are special enough to get their own mention.

11. And if I am mentioning photography friends I need to mention the wonderful people I have “met” through my other hobby, writing.

12. And blogging, of course.

13. And the interent in general. From before Myspace through Facebook to whatever is next. I love the connections and the inspiration.

14. My home. It’s nothing fancy but I am lucky to live here.

This is my living room. it’s not that bad. I won’t show you my bedroom…that’s where the real mess is!

15. My community, did I mention I feel lucky to live here?

16. And speaking of community, my extended family. Facebook has allowed me to keep in touch with my 29 first cousins, their spouses and children and even grandchildren!

My cousin Stephanie and I

17. And the family I was blessed with from two ex-husbands. The nieces and nephews who still call me Aunt Dawn and the brothers and sisters who still call me their sister. I didn’t divorce any of them and best of all they didn’t divorce me.

Two Peas in a Pod

18. The Steps, daughters, brothers, sisters, mother, and the wonderful family they have made mine.

My step mother with her grandchildren (the ones who were at the reunion)

19. Art

20. Music

21. Reading/Books/My Kindle

22. Good food

23. Clean Water

24. Nice Clothes, accessories, and the little things that I am able to treat myself with.

25. Wine. Especially when its cold and fruity on a summer day.

26. My freedom and the country I live in.

27. My sense of humor (thanks Dad).

I did not have sex with…oh wait..wrong one.

28. My common sense (thanks Mom).

29. Spring Flowers, and especially cut flowers as gifts from the gardens of friends.

30. Autumn Leaves.

31. Snow Days when you don’t have to go to work.

32. Fresh fruit and vegetables in the summer, and those extra hours of sunlight.

33. Laughter and people with a wonderful sense of humor and/or a beautiful smile.

This is my little sister (and me giggling). I got her again!

34. Sunrises when I have the world to myself for a few minutes.

35. Sunsets and people to share them with.

Thanks Dawn for leading and inspiring with your The 6th Annual Attitude of Gratitude! post


9 thoughts on “My Gratitude List: Looking Back and Ahead

  1. Well
    Done with the photos and succinct words for your gratitude list.
    Like so many – but the smiles are a big Takeaway
    And I have seen a few of these gratitude posts with different challenges – some go to 50 – but 35 was nice too


  2. Wow, wow, wow! This is amazing, Dawn! I love all the gorgeous photos (you are indeed so talented with your camera and your words)–– the colors, the smiles and beauty. I wanted to hit love on so many of them. The photo of sunrise with the barn is stunning! I miss the FF folks most of all, and it’s so wonderful to connect here… even if I’m still in self-imposed solitude on that front. Thank you so much for sharing in my 6th Attitude of Gratitude; it means so much. Happy New Year!


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