Share Your World: January 25, 2020

Where do you get your news?
I try to be smart about where I get my news. I use the media bias chart and Snopes, to check my sources, and always try to read with an open mind.

I’m dismayed by the things people will believe especially when it is something so glaringly horrible. My views lean to the left but I don’t need outlets like MSNBC of even CNN to validate them and I avoid them as much as I do Fox News. I read some from The Washington Post (it is the paper I grew on, after all), even though I realize it is a bit bias, and The New York Times, which I subscribe to through our public library. I enjoy The Atlantic and Politico but will go to The Economist and Forbes for a different angle. I look at the AP and NPR to fact check anything that looks too good or too horrible to be true.

The 8 Best Fact-Checking Sites for Finding Unbiased Truth

A list of the Least Biased in alphabetical order.

What ‘old person’ thing do you do?
Make inadvertent noises.

Do you eat food that’s past its expiration date if it still smells and looks fine?
Yes, for the most part.

What brought gratitude, a smile or laughter to your life this week?

This self-published 13 year old!

Share Your World

7 thoughts on “Share Your World: January 25, 2020

  1. Thanks Dawn for Sharing Your World! Don’t be embarrassed by the ‘inadvertent’ noises. EVERYONE (even young people who deny it) make such noises time to time. Me? I do perhaps the most embarrassing of all inadvertent noises…the ‘piffer’ as I stand up. Piffer is my family’s handle for expulsion of trapped gases. I never used to do that, but now? More likely than not to be heard as I try to stand up. O_o


  2. We’re lucky here to have a nominally unbiased news service (BBC). When I read or listen to news from commercial outlets it’s usually immediately obvious which way they’re trying to lead you.


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