Friday Fictioneers: Marriage For One

Marissa walked by the picture window for the umpteenth time today. She was certain Rob wouldn’t be home this evening but every time she saw headlights she looked.

She had already given the boys dinner, helped them with their homework, gave them baths; and since school had been canceled the next day for the snow, they had played a board-game together before going to bed.

Now, completely alone, her loneliness multiplied. She wasn’t allowed to call. He had made that clear. He was busy working. He would be home when he got there.

She poured herself a drink.

This week’s photo: © Dale Rogerson

Friday Fictioneers is a weekly 100 word writing challenge inspired by a picture prompt. Click here to read other stories.

32 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Marriage For One

  1. You’ve constructed this story very nicely, drawing us in, making us wonder what was wrong, and then you tell us. “She wasn’t allowed to call.” Five little words to paint the picture of what was wrong with her marriage. “Wasn’t allowed” – domestic abuse at its most insidious. I wonder what else she wasn’t allowed to do…
    Excellent story, Dawn.


  2. I’ve been bingeing “Mad Men” so this story rings so bloody true for many of the wives in this show. And also too many true, not-Hollywood marriages….


  3. “wasn’t allowed to call” says so much here. Relief drinking is a temporary refuge. Hoping she works on adjusting what she can and uses the serenity prayer as a guide. Excellent story, Dawn.


  4. Thanks for sharing. Very interesting. The attacks on marriage are not new; they go back to the beginning of human history. Qualities and attitudes that developed in our first human parents have led to the marriage crisis we experience today. A passage that comes to mind is Romans 5:12 – Adam and Eve sinned when they gave in to selfish cravings, and thus “sin entered into the world.” (Romans 5:12)

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