Friday Fictioneers: When All Else Fails, Pray

Angela checked her watch; 5:20. He was 20 minutes late. She sent a second text “Everything okay? “Again, it went unanswered.

Angela was peeved. It wasn’t the first time she had been stood up by some guy who professed to adore her and beg to meet her from the internet, but it was going to be the last.

She had been at this too long, she decided, and no longer cared. She had been married, raised her children, she was just a bit lonely.

She would give it one more effort. Tomorrow she would try her parent’s way and go to church.

This week’s photo: © Ceayr

Friday Fictioneers is a weekly 100 word writing challenge inspired by a picture prompt. Click here to read other stories.

41 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: When All Else Fails, Pray

  1. Seems like an unsafe place to meet a stranger. Maybe he’s watching in the wings and will follow her home… Church seems safer, but no guarantees by a long shot!


  2. Church is an option if she is a believer. I know that when I was on the dating sites, as soon as I read they were regular church-going folk, I was swiping left!


  3. I think church is probably safer, but I’d have to think twice about marrying a widower complete with kids, in-laws, grandkids, and poor eating habits 🙂 Maybe she should try square-dancing 🙂


  4. Dear Dawn,

    Not sure church is a viable option either. I’ve seen too many of those “spiritual” connections fail. And, to be honest, the single life looks pretty enticing at times. 😉




  5. We have Christ the King Church right here in our community. I’ve never gone. Being reared Catholic kinda’ put me off religion, but the people who do attend seem to have a wonderful community.


  6. I don’t think the internet is the best (or safest) place to find a decent partner, although it has worked out for some. Most stories I hear are similar to the one you told, and most even scarier.


  7. Scary made me think of a conversation my husband and I had.
    Hubby asked ‘if he went first would I remarry?’
    I answered a clear and definite ‘NO’.
    Single is the way to go. Good piece.


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