Carole’s Big Hit

At our reception for our photo show last week, my friend Carole brought these yummy pickle roll ups. I posted this picture and bragged about them on facebook so it seemed only fitting that I should do so here, also. Carole’s recipe is below.

You will need a jar of whole Vlasic dill pickles, two blocks of cream cheese, and sliced deli ham. I got a pound of black forest ham thick enough to roll around a pickle without tearing. Pat the pickles dry. Leave the cream cheese sit out until soft and pliable. Spread some of the cream cheese on a slice of ham, then wrap it around the pickle. Continue with each pickle until done. Individually wrap in foil and refrigerate several hours to overnight. When you are ready to serve the pickles, unwrap and slice into 1/2-inch rounds or as thick as you’d like. Cut off the ends and save them for yourself!

Each week I use this challenge as a showcase for my latest creative venture, Soft Focus Photography. You can see more of my #softfocus photography by clicking here

One Word Sunday: Specialty

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